To think about before your trip


You can find pharmacies (Greek: ΦΑΡΜΑΚΕΙΟ "farmakÝo") in almost all of the bigger villages across the islands. Some more common medicines such as paracetamol, aspirin, antiseptic ointments, creams and bandages can also be bought from supermarkets or kiosks.
However - if you are on a regular, prescribed medicine - do note that whilst you can obtain many of the medicines you can at home and other countries, there are some medicines (e.g. Marcumar) which aren’t available here. My advice is to make sure you bring enough of your medicine with you, and store it in two different places when you travel to Crete. This way, should you be unlucky enough to lose a suitcase en route, you will still have some medicine with you.
It’s also advisable to bring any allergy passes or doctors notes, or simply a list of diagnoses to present to any doctors should the need arise.

Travel Pharmacy

Finally, I recommend that everyone should travel with a small first aid kit, preferably containing the following: