Medical care in Plakias & Crete


* In Plakias we have an English and German speaking dentist, Elevtheria Chatzidaki (telephone: 28320-31090, mobile phone: 6977700387)

* There are two pharmacies, one on the same road as the post office, and another one halfway up the central side street of Plakias.

* Further there is one English speaking Greek physiotherapist, Antonia Daskalaki.

* Also, there are a few masseurs.

I know most of these therapists personally and can inform them about treatment, or even arrange a contact on your behalf.


Further afield in Spili, a mountain village some 19 kilometres away from Plakias, there is a general health care centre (Greek: Kentro Igias) with a 24-hour-doctor and ambulance car (Telephone: 28320-22222).


The district capital of Rethymno, 35 kilometres from Plakias has a National General Hospital (Greek: Geniko Nosokomeio), which provides a variety of medical care, including:

·    Surgery
·    Pathology
·    Cardiology
·    Obstetrics
·    Paediatrics

In the mornings through to 2pm, the hospital also houses external specialists in offices where you can ask for treatment. These specialists include:

·    Dermatologists
·    Neurologists
·    Psychiatrists
·    Orthopaedic doctors
·    Urologists,
·    Eye doctors
·    ENT doctors.

Almost all the doctors at Rethymno National General Hospital speak fluent English. The hospital can be contacted by calling 28310-87100.

If you’re looking for private care, there is a private hospital called Asklepios. The Asklepios Clinic is located in the upper part of Rethymno, and provides medical care for:

·    Surgery
·    Pathology
·    Urology
·    Obstetrics
·    Opthalmics
·    ENT

Again, many of the doctors working in the hospital speak fluent English. You can contact the Asklipios hospital by calling 28310-24524.

Rethymno is also home to many private specialists who work in many different medical fields. Again, many of them speak excellent English. See the list of specialists on the following page.


In Chania (approximately 85 km from Plakias) there is a large, recently built National General Hospital in the village of Mournies, just outside the district capital of Chania. The hospital has amongst the common departments a neurosurgery department, a vascular surgery department and a neurology/psychiatry department.

Iraklio ("Heraklion")

In Crete’s capital Heraklion (approximately 115 kilometres from Plakias), there are two large General National Hospitals. The first is the university hospital of Heraklion (called Pagni), which has a large cardiology ward. It is located outside of Heraklion city direction Kaesia. The second large national hospital, called Venizelou Hospital,is on the road to the ancient Minoan city of Knossos.