In Case of Emergency

Of course, you can always call me at any time should you feel ill. However, there is the possibility that I may not be contactable from time to time. In this case, in case of a severe deasease, I would urge you to call the Greek emergency phone number, which is 0030-166.

Naturally, the person who answers the phone will speak Greek, so you will need to ask for an English speaker. If necessary, they will send an ambulance. You can also consult one of the doctors in the Plakias area or in Spili who can summon an ambulance.

Should an ambulance come, it will take a minimum of twenty minutes for it to arrive, although the majority take around forty minutes, with some taking two hours. Therefore, I recommend that in case of a servere deasease it is best to see a doctor as soon as possible or even go directly to the hospital, rather than waste time waiting for an ambulance.

Emergency (EKAB): 166 (medical emergencies)

Fire Department: 199

Police: 100